I don’t.

I have no idea what I’ve spent on food in the last 7 months. All I know is I am (somewhat) in credit card debt due to ordering supplements and foods from the internet, plus all the trial, error and mistakes that come along with starting the diet.

Yes my friends, I threw out the budget and focused on getting the diet going, supplements started and Nathan healing. But, everyone must pay the Piper eventually (or Mastercard, as the case may be) and now I must figure out the true costs of our diet.

(And I write Thrifty Tuesday every week??) I have been trying to be careful, not overspend, not buy lots of premade items. But, at the start I did. I bought all kinds of wild and crazy ingredients, some of which are still sitting unopened. Oops. We’ll have to solve that one, another day.

So, I am making a public commitment to post my grocery bills for the entire month of March. Let’s see what this lifestyle is really costing us. And then, maybe, I’ll feel like I’ve got the bill under control again. Cuz, baby, there’s no $$ around here these days & I need to start budgeting again!