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Poor Nathan. I just can’t leave him the heck alone. Nope, always have to be trying something new, a supplement, a food source, a dairy alternative. I’d almost feel sorry for him.

Except, it’s working. So I don’t.

We started sublingual methyl B-12 on Sunday. 1000mcg per tablet. He and I are both trying it because I understand it can be energy boosting as well. It’s 3 weeks and counting to my annual audit, I need energy. He’s taking folic acid (1000mcg) at the same time, plus 1 tsp Super Nu Thera, 250 mg magnesium. I want to switch to folinic but it hasn’t arrived in the mail yet.

Changes so far? None.

Update on the Super Nu Thera: we went low and slow with this. I divided the 1 tsp dose into 2 and gradually worked into 1 dose in the morning. I found him quite hyper with it for a few days but this has leveled off now. His language has increased again, see here for my little brag.

Update on Yeast: We’ve run out of biotin (iherb? where is my order? darned international border) so have gone back to GSE, 4 drops in the a.m. That seems to be holding the yeast beast at bay. I was planning a break but having started the mB12, I don’t think it is a good idea. We’ll go back to 10 mg of biotin x 2 times per day when it comes in the mail.

Overall, I am now not sure what “is” and “isn’t” working. I think that we are just finally getting him up to speed with the supplements & that they are probably working together. So, we’ll stick with this new regime for a few weeks and then reevaluate. There are still a few things I’d like to try and am considering trying a liquid mB12 if we don’t see results from this one. It’s just so expensive. Grr.