So, after complaining yesterday that my iHerb order still hadn’t arrived, guess what was in the mailbox??  Yeah.  Don’t I feel like a little bit of an ass.   Onwards and upwards.

Fellow Canucks, I want you to know, I have been quite pleased with iHerb.  I have ordered from them twice and received the order in about 2 weeks.  One problem with them is import laws – you can’t import more than 90 days worth of something – so you have to watch your quantities.  I’m to cheap to “test” this and risk having it seized at the border.   You can if you want to, but I’m not!

I ordered (twice) Country Life Biotin (5mg capsules) which is so tiny, I think we might eventually teach Nathan to swallow pills.  Plus a variety of other things.  Everything arrived in good condition, sealed properly and exactly what I ordered.

They offer discounted shipping on orders over $40 and there is a widgit that calculates your shipping, even to Canada.  The dropping Cdn $ is not helping these days, but the prices are low/reasonable.  So, once exchange is factored in too, I am using iherb only for supplements I can’t find another source for – like 5 mg Biotin.

If you’ve never ordered from and want to get a $5.00 discount, here’s a discount code you can use:  MEN348

Hey, who doesn’t love a discount?