I think it’s time for an update (for you and me!) of what we’re doing and how I think it is working.

1.  We’re GFCF, but with an infraction here and there.  Sometimes they could have been avoided with better planning, but life happens, right?

2.  Nathan takes Houston enzymes at every meal, 2 AFP Peptizyde, 1 Zyme Prime, 1 No Fenol

3.  We limit soy, but are not soy free.

4.  Current supplement schedule is:

Breakfast:  1 tsp Super Nu Thera liquid, 1 tsp Folinic & B12 (Kirkman) liquid, 10 mg Biotin,  250 mg Magnesium, crushed.  This is all mixed in concentrated (frozen) juice and then diluted. 

Plus:  1-1000 mcg mB12 sublingual tablet, Houston Enzymes, 2 Nordic Naturals DHA, 1 Vitamin C (500 mg)

Lunch: Houston Enzymes, 2 Nordic Naturals DHA, 1 Vitamin C (500 mg)

Supper: Houston Enzymes, 2 Nordic Naturals DHA, 1 Vitamin C (500 mg), 10 mg Biotin

Bedtime: 1-2 Pro-Bio Gold (chewable) from Kirkman (probiotic)

I gave Nathan a zinc challenge this week, but after 3 days he’s complaining bitterly about taking it.  I understand that means he’s not deficient, since if you can taste zinc, you don’t need it. 

So, what am I seeing?

Excellent growth in his speech, about the same number of words, but the quality of pronunciation, inflection and volume/tone is increasingly better.  I have seen a small positive change since adding the mB12.  He seems to be trying harder to be understood and expressing more complex ideas. 

I’ve added some GSE 4 drops x 2 days, just to get a handle on his yeast again.  Nathan’s shrieky quality was gradually increasing, a big sign of yeast for him.  After 2 days I cut that off & noticed some good die-off BM this morning.  He’s been back to “his old self” all day.

I’m very impressed with our current supplement schedule. It seems to be supporting Nathan’s rapid speech development which is so important for him.  We’ll hold him at this level for at least this week and reevaluate if we need to be increasing or backing anything off.