I live in Disaster House right now.  We’re renovating our kitchen, so the contents of the cupboards are in the dining room everywhere…..  The stove is in the middle of the room, the fridge takes turns wherever it can be plugged in….in short, a disaster.

What does that have to do with GFCF?  Well….it is not so easy to cook everything from scratch when your house is turned upside down!  So, we’ll be muddling through this fun time for the next few weeks to a month, depending on the speed my husband can renovate.  He’s extremely talented, but it is an older house, so you never know what “surprises” might be in store.

This morning was the worst, I hope.  Nathan had 1 bite of a granola bar & 1/2 cup of juice with his biotin and folinic acid mixed in.  Did he get his B12?  No.  The darned time change had us all in an uproar.  I packed him some extra lunch but I don’t suppose he’ll actually eat it.  At least he managed to get his enzymes & other vitamins in and in his lunch box. 

Tomorrow is another day, right??