Ok, I just have to complain a little.  Maybe it’s because we’ve been GFCF for about 8 months & I forget how hard it was to start but WHY don’t more people at least try this?

I know that I dismissed GFCF as quackery about 2 years ago, when Nathan had delays but wasn’t diagnosed with anything.  I thought “it isn’t autism” so that doesn’t apply to us.  We had a diagnosis for 7 weeks and I started GFCF.  I probably would have started sooner, but we went on vacation first and it occured to me that I would try anything to help him succeed.

And, to be fair, I dismissed GFCF without ever reading about it beyond Jenny McCarthy’s first book.  (No offense Jenny, I guess I didn’t see you as a credible ‘enough’ source)  But then we were diagnosed and NO ONE would help us.  I asked for parent support groups, anything to help us through, nada.  So, I got on the internet, wondering, just what was it that helped Jenny’s son?  Could it possibly help Nathan?

The answer, as you know, is yes.

So now I try to be compassionate when people are exploring the idea of GFCF.  Don’t get me wrong, I know how hard it is.  I also know that it is your job as a parent to do whatever it takes.  There is no sacrifice I wouldn’t make for my kids and GFCF is not a sacrifice.

The other thing that irritates me is how willingly everyone (including me) just ingests so many toxins, chemicals, artificial flavours and colours.  Why must food be neon pink in order to be appealing?  And then dare help you, if you deny your kids cotton candy and slushees because they are nothing but sugar and artificial colour?  The sideways “crazy momma” look you get, well, I don’t care.  Being GFCF has completely opened my eyes to food and I thought I was a pretty conscious consumer before. 

So, I encourage everyone who is considering, wondering, thinking about trying GFCF.  Take the plunge.  Jump into the “dark side” with me, come out in the light and find your child.  Don’t be afraid of how hard it might be.  Think of the gains, the smiles, the words, the “I love you too, Mommy” that will be waiting for you.