The house is still in a disaster & Nathan isn’t handling it very well.  Today we’re painting & he decided to colour on the walls.  So helpful.  This is pretty typical behaviour for him when he is anxious or major changes are going on around him. 

We’ve managed to stay GFCF through the process so far although I nearly broke down and ordered take out yesterday.  Just too tired to think, but then I considered what the consequences might be today & decided I could  make one more GFCF pizza.  I shudder to think of the increased poor behaviour we’d be seeing if I let him cheat yesterday.

One of the things we’re doing is giving enzymes with each meal & I am wondering if it is really necessary.  (I’m also wondering if he could abandon the diet with enzymes, but that’s because I am tired & worn out from renovating!)  I started him on the enzymes because I wanted to make sure he was getting maximum nutrition from the food he was eating.  Plus, I knew our diet wasn’t going to be “clean” for several weeks so it was a good idea to cover all the bases.

The things is, the combination of GFCF, supplements and enzymes is killing our finances right now.  I do believe in the “pay now or pay for life” theory, but I also need to be  realistic about how much debt we can reasonably carry.  I still have a good supply of Houston enzymes right now but I think I am going to wean him off the enzymes in April and see what the results might be.  I know there are other brands and even “health food store” brands that might also be effective but I’m reluctant to waste money on products that are of lesser quality than the Houston product & find out they don’t work for us.

Basically, I want to find the combination of food, supplements and therapy that gives him the best results and I know that can change over time.  The only way to really know would be a supplement break & I am NOT ready for that yet.  I’m still seeing great gains when we add vitamins and minerals so that tells me we haven’t solved the full puzzle.

Oh & the mB12 sublingual?  It seems to be doing something – boy is that kid a chatterbox these days.