I’m so excited, I must tell someone & I think this is the perfect place!  Nathan always needs extra practice on any new skill, it just takes him longer than other kids to pick things up.  He is really trying to learn to read now & I wondered if sight reading flashcards would help.  It would give him more exposure to words, even if he doesn’t know them.

So, I printed off free flashcards and we gave them a try.  He knows 19 words!  I could not believe it!  I knew for sure that he can read 3 (the, is, for) but am amazed that he reads 19 words.  It makes me wonder what other words he knows but it’s pretty tough to test him. 

To put it another way – it took him well over a year to speak 19 words (not including the birth to age 1 year!), more like 2.5 years, yet he learns 19 in less than 9 months!  I am so excited for him.

Want to make your own flashcards?  I found mine here.