I must admit, we do have a sink now, so things are starting to look up! I do find with all the chaos in my home, it makes me wish to just go back to “normal”. You know, pre-gfcf, when we just bought food and ate it without worrying about every single ingredient.

And then I remember, that even food I thought was healthy, is loaded with chemicals, food dyes and refined sugar. I know that even if Nathan can tolerate gluten, casein, and soy, we won’t ever go back to that ‘normal’. We’ve come too far in 8 months to just let it all go.

I dialed back Nathan’s biotin dose yesterday to 5 mg and I am not sure that was a great idea. He seemed much louder and had a harder time controling his pitch. These are sure “yeast” signs for him. We’re going to try knocking that back with some GSE and then start back into biotin at 10 mg per day. I give it all in the morning and that seems to be working fine.

He’s getting a planned infraction today, which I am hesitant about, but the kids at his school are having a charity goody sale. For 50 cents he can choose 1 goody and the money goes to the Children’s Hospital. He is so excited about it so we decided he can have his choice, if he takes his enzymes. On one hand, I’d like to let him have the infraction, no enzymes, and see what his teachers think. On the other, it isn’t a normal afternoon, so they’ll attribute any behaviour problems to the change in schedule.

I’ll let you know if I see anything.