Well, if we wanted some “proof” that GFCF is working for Nathan, we had it in spades yesterday. On Saturday, we went off to the City and did some errand running for Dad. Of course, my boys still have a major obsession with McDonalds. I know, I know. It is not GFCF. I know.

Usually, we get grilled chicken breasts, fries and Sprite. Again, I KNOW. This time, I loaded him up with enzymes and let them have “real” chicken nuggets. Seriously. He had a lot.

Then they were grouching for some Tim Bits. They haven’t had Tim Bits in about 8 months, and I indulged them. After all, I still had lots of enzymes & Nathan hadn’t had any immediate reaction to the donut he had at school (or the chicken mcpoison from lunch)


Sunday was a day from Hell. I mean that. It was also Nathan’s 6th birthday. He had meltdown after meltdown. He couldn’t stop crying, raging, destroying things. He couldn’t control his volume, everything was just awful.

So, I kicked myself in the butt. Then, I gave him 8 drops of GSE (help the yeast & his volume button). I dropped him in a tub of Epsom salt (about 3 cups!) for half an hour in the afternoon, trying to help him detox. He was much calmer & then proceeded to take a glue stick to my couch.

Yes, it was a God-awful, tear-filled, never-do-it-again day. And as bad as I felt, because I allowed him to break the diet, I am really glad we gave it a try. I was starting to think we’d licked the gut problems and could start reintroducing some old favorites. But, I guess we still have a long, long way to go.