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I’ve never tried a Rotation diet with Nathan, mostly because he doesn’t really, really like too many foods. He loves pasta, rice, potatoes, vegetables and fruit, tolerates ground beef and chicken. So, there’s hardly enough variety in all that to rotate for him.

Monday we had steak and mashed potatoes. Tuesday, sausage and rice. It occured to me as I poured the rice into the pot, that I was starting a rotation diet, if I wanted to keep it up. My next dilemma, what do I choose after corn & quinoa pasta? To me, I’ve covered off the major starches with potato, rice and corn. A rotation diet, while it doesn’t seem like it should be hard, is another level to GFCF that I am not sure we’re ready for.

Nathan’s behaviour is still improving but the yeast is kicking our butts. I got the whole 8 drops in him yesterday and a probiotic at bedtime. Of course, he’s still sleeping at this point, so I don’t know if it is working or not. I just can’t believe the bad reaction he had to gluten. I wondered to my husband, was he this bad before GFCF or was Sunday an extreme version of it? He couldn’t remember either, but we both know we can’t take it.

So, if you have some thoughts on implementing a rotation diet I’d love to hear them. Hey, we’re all here to learn together!