Sorry I’ve been absent, we’re still GFCF, thriving, and happy. But, it seemed an ideal time to back off all Nathan’s supplements. He is not happy about it. He likes his “vitamins” as he calls them. I felt we were getting a bit out of control both with the quantity and cost.

He was supplement free for about 1 week and then I noticed his BMs started to stink again. We started back into the Kirkman ProBio Gold chewable probiotics. These are a llight, vanilla-y tasting chewable that he quite likes. They do have a strep strain but I don’t think that is an issue for us. He is taking 1 in the morning and 1 at bedtime.

I’m only going to give him enzymes for infractions for the next while. He has a birthday party at preschool today that he wants to enjoy, so we’re going to try 3 chewable (Houston) AFP Peptizyde & 3 Zyme Prime. He’ll be eating a small piece of birthday cake. I am hoping his gut can handle this. He had an infraction this month earlier that he handled with enzymes just fine.

Since it is nearly seeding time, the boys are getting lots of outside time which means I am going to be spending a lot more time in the kitchen. Hubby needs food for lunches and so do the kids. I made a batch of Banana Chip muffins yesterday, oh so good.

My current plan for supplements is this:
April 26: Continue supplement break, do cognitive testing on weekend
May 3: Introduce Nordic Naturals chewables or liquid
May 10: Folic acid (was supposed to be folinic but I screwed it up so we’ll start there)
May 17: B12 sublingual

We’ll do some additional testing weekly and observe changes. I’d like to get him back on to DMG at some point before the end of the school year but we’ll see how he tolerates this plan first. I’d also like to get him on a multi-vitamin, we’ve got some SNT left & trial sized powder, which he doesn’t like.

Speaking of the trial SNT powder, would you like it? Leave a comment & maybe we can make arrangements to get it to you. Seems a shame to have it waste in my cupboard.