Just wanted to update you all about how easy GFCF has become for us. I had a conference this week and the kids were shuttled between grandparents for three days.

So, how did we do it & stay on program? It helps that both grandmas are totally on board for the boys. My Mom has a few boxed mixes and keeps noodles in the pantry. My hubby’s mom needs us to bring a few things (cereal, lunch for school) but reads labels very well & tries her best to ensure the foods she chooses are at least GF.

I literally walked out the door with a hug and kiss & didn’t worry about their diets all week. Simple. There is nothing like unconditional support from your parents and parents-in-law. For those who don’t have this, I feel for you. But, everyone has also noticed the major change it has made in Nathan’s life, so it is pretty tough to “refuse” to follow his program.

So, now we’re waiting to restart supplements next week. I did a quick reading test with Nathan and he is scoring even higher right now. I think he needs to learn about 10 more of the pre-primer words & he’ll be ready to progress to the Primer words. He kept stealing the cards he didn’t know back, so it was hard to tell how many of the 45 he doesn’t know. He sure gets mad when he doesn’t know the word, so that is pretty exciting.

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