We started GFCF without any testing and have managed quite nicely up until now by using observation and trial & error. I think it has worked just fine, though I do wonder about whether the boys are truly sensitive to other things that are harder to remove like eggs and corn.

Eric’s eczema is getting worse & I know that dairy does aggravate it. But, is there something else? Is it eggs? Soy? Corn? Sugar? He is a much harder kid to feed, picky about what he likes and adamant that he will not give up gluten and dairy completely. Achieving 100% compliance with him has been pretty much impossible. I think he feels better off dairy and gluten, I know I do, but the lure of a cheese slice or piece of bread is just so tempting.

My husband, whom I adore, is pretty tolerant of the whole GFCF thing, just as long as he can keep having his normal food. I haven’t managed to make a GF bread that is as good as he would like. My GF cookies are a crumbly mess (even with trying stick non-CF margarine), so I can’t say that I blame him. But, it also means there are “forbidden” foods in the house. I could tell him “100% GFCF” but I know that it is really hard for him. (He’s also not a child & needs to make the choice for himself, I think)

So that brings me to wondering if I should have food panel testing done for both kids, but especially Eric. It is a bit expensive, might not tell us anything we don’t already know & involves find a supportive doctor & a blood draw. Nathan has had one. It was pretty rough on him. I’m not anxious to put him through it again.

So, should I try to pursue testing? What has been your experience?