I know, from my stat counter that the shipping time from iHerb is a concern for fellow Canadians. My last order was placed on April 30 and was received (by me) on May 11th. So, that is 7 business days, or 11 days after placing the order.

I also know that placing your order in the morning, earlier in the week can sometimes shave a day or two off the delivery time. But, this is no guarantee. I always suggest giving yourself 2 full weeks (14 days) notice that you will need a replacement supplement. I know that doesn’t always work out either. More than once, I’ve checked the mail, desperately hoping that this time the order would come in 5 business days. Not likely.

Another way you could shave some shipping time would be to send it to a US address, if you have access to one and live close to the border. (And have a valid passport after June 1st!) I believe the US shipping times are about 1/2 of ours, so if you are desperate, that is another option.

I have found though, with a bit of pre-planning and forethought (which you get really good at with GFCF), it is possible to receive your new supplements “just in time”. That is the best way, because it is freshest and not cluttering up the cabinet.

Our last order was for Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA (chewable & Liquid). The boys love the strawberry chewable. I am not such a fan of the price per serving, so I also ordered the strawberry liquid. To me, it tastes the same as the liquid in the chewable. They have not tried it, so I will post a full review when they do.

Don’t forget, there is a $5.00 off coupon if you are a first time buyer with iHerb. I don’t want anyone to miss out (like I did!), so here’s the code again: MEN348

I’m sure it seems like I push iHerb a lot, but I just can’t say enough about the variety, pricing and great service they offer. Why pay more at the Local HFS? Save those dollars for frozen waffles and treats!