We interrupt our regularly scheduled Recipe Upload to bring you this announcement……

We’ve cheated. Yes, we’ve handed out Smarties (food dye, casein, sugar…), Ranch dressing (casein), real cheese (casein) and I’m sure a few other things over the last couple of months.  We also completely quit the supplements.  I know, I said I was going to put him back on the supplement train.  Guess what?  I didn’t.

His last report card?  Dismal.  No real improvements.  No exciting “wow, he’s come a long way again!” comments.  Nothing to brag about. 

Is there a relationship?  In my darkest moments, I blame myself completely.  After all, I am responsible for everything that does or does not go in his mouth.  Nathan has slowly but surely regressed into a little guy I thought we’d seen the last of:

– shrieking
– screaming (instead of talking)
– defiant
– unable to concentrate on anything for more than a few seconds
– high pitched nails on a chalkboard voice
– slightly more aggressive
– tired and lethargic

I’m documenting this for you & for me.  I hate what I’ve done to him.  I know that half that list is yeast related.  The worst part is, we leave for vacation on Wednesday & the diet is going to be incredibly tough.  There will be infractions and we’ll do our best to minimize them with enzymes. So, July might be a  write-off in some ways.

Our plan of attack right now: 1 tsp Super Nu Thera, 5 mg Biotin, 5 ml DMG, CLO and GSE (10 drops per day)  I hope this isn’t too much for his system.  He’s tolerated the DMG for a week just fine, so we’re adding the SNT now and upping the yeast control.  I’m hoping 4 days of GSE will knock the yeast out as it used to & we can maintain with biotin.