We got the yeast under control!  It took a full four days of GSE and we’ve been maintaining it at 5 drops 1-2x per day.  Biotin isn’t doing enough right now.  We quit the Super Nu Thera, he just hates the taste of it, until at least we get the yeast knocked out.  Instead, he’s taking the Kirkman Children’s Chewable Multi & seems to like it much better.

We’re also handing out digestive enzymes from Houston’s again.  He takes 1 each of AFP Peptizyde, Zyme Prime and No Fenol at each meal.  This was very helpful last year when we started the diet & I’d like to see if there are some additional improvements in him again.  The summer is tough to stay on program, he’s here, there and everywhere & while I plan ahead as much as possible, there are guaranteed to be infractions.

We had some pretty heavy infractions last week & he took Trienza for those – no reaction.  He had very loose bowels, but no stimming, no shrieking, no misbehaviour, no “autistic” traits that we used to see (spinning, flapping, toe walking). So, I suspect the Trienza dose was too high, but it worked.  Now, I wouldn’t want to do it all the time, but for the occasional slip-up, this is like magic.

I expect the infractions are to blame for the continuing yeast issues, but they are getting better.  He is still a stinky kid right now, so there is multiple toxins working their way out, but no behavioural problems for a change.  So nice.

So, there’s the Nathan update.  Nice to have positive news for a change!