Clearly, I’ve become a “good” shopper because it takes almost no time to get the gluten free, casein free stuff my kids will actually eat.  15 minutes in the HFS and I am ready to check out.  This could mean 2 things: 1. There isn’t enough to choose from or 2.  My kids are fussy.

My kids are not fussy.  I do wish there were a few more options and less expensive options. I mean really, $5.49 for a little box of cereal?  It doesn’t seem fair. Pre-GFCF, I didn’t pay more than $3.50 per box, and I never bought those weeny sizes either. 

So what did I spend my $50 on? 

3 pkg Tinkyada Spaghetti (world’s greatest!)
1 pkg Van’s Frozen Waffles (my kid thinks they are an Eggo)
1 box Enviro Kids Animal Cookies (for the sitter’s)
3 bags Potato Starch
1 box Celimix Egg Replacer (we’re going egg-free for a month)

Wow. That doesn’t look like much. But, this is the reality of this diet. Super expensive, totally worth it. Now, if only I could figure out how to get 25 pounds of pasta from Ontario to Manitoba without it costing $40 to ship…..then I could score a deal.