I’m updating my Welcome Back Nathan post with a couple other thoughts:

In the past week, I have noticed he is calmer. More mature & less likely to hit. This is not to say he’s quit whining (a totally normal-kid behaviour), but he is using his words much more than his anger. He spent considerable time with his 3.5 year old cousin, who is very, very three right now.

Nathan did not get mad, he shared very well and he was accepting of cousin’s bad behaviours. He didn’t even retaliate when the cousin hit him. He moved and played somewhere else. It was obvious to the adults that he knew “better” than to hit a smaller child back.

Point two: his language has exploded again & he was singing. Better than that, I started humming a favorite song of his, it was stuck in my head & he started singing the next part of the song. I have never, ever heard him do that before. Yes, he will sing, but never just pick up a tune & “run with it”. Amazing. He has improved his sentances and his imaginative play is also becoming more mature. I would guess him to be at the 4-4.5 age, since he is playing very similar games to his brother.

Point three: he is clearly detoxing & seems to know it. He spent quite a bit of time in his Epsom Salt bath, without complaining for a change. He also got very relaxed, which for him is a sign that the bath is doing its job. He had an Epsom salt bath Sunday and Monday night. I think we will try another one tonight & see if we can’t continue this process.

So, there’s a few more improvements since restarting supplements and being more strictly GFCF.