Here is the hidden gluten list, borrowed from TACA. I use it all the time.

Abyssinian hard (wheat triticum duran)            Alcohol (unless distilled)
Avena                                                             Baking powder (verify ingredients)
Baking soda (verify ingredients)                    Barley
Barley flour                                                              Barley hordeum vulgare
Barley malt                                                                Beer
Bleached all-purpose flour                                 Bouillon cubes or powder
Bran                                                                              Bread flour
Broth, prepackaged                                               Brown flour
Bulgur (bulgur wheat/nuts)                               Caramel color
Cereal binding                                                          Cereal extract
Chilton Chorizo (read label)                                 Croutons
Coffee creamer substitute (grain based)       Couscous
Cracker meal                                                           Dextrin Durum, durum flour
Edible starch                                                            Einkorn wheat
Enriched flour                                                         Farina
Filler                                                                            Fu (dried wheat gluten )
Galactose                                                                   Germ
Glutamate (free)                                                     Glutamic acid
Gluten flour                                                              Graham flour
Granary flour                                                           Gravy cubes
Gravy mixes (unless homemade with cornstarch)
Ground spices (some contain gluten)            Gum base
Hard triticum                                                            Hard wheat
Herbs with wheat fillers                                        High gluten flour
High protein flour                                                   Hordeum
Hydrolyzed oat starch                                          Hydrolyzed plant protein (HPP)
Hydrolyzed vegetable protein HVP                Job’s Tears (aka pearl barley)
Kamut (pasta wheat)                                              Malt
Malt extract                                                               Malt flavoring
Malt syrup                                                                  Malt vinegar
Miso                                  Modified food starch (source is either corn or wheat)
MSG (made outside USA)                      Mustard powder (some contain gluten)
Oat flour

Oats (Oats themselves do not contain gluten, but are almost always processed with gluten)
Pasta                                                               Pearl barley
Potassium caseinate                                 Rice malt (contains barley or Koji)
Rice syrup (unless specified GF, it contains barley enzymes)
Rye                                                                     Rye semolina
Sauce mixes (read labels carefully, often contain wheat)
Seitan                                                               Semolina
Semolina triticum                                       Shoyu (soy sauce)
Small spelt                                                      Soba noodles
Sodium caseinate (contains MSG)        Soy sauce (unless specified GF)
Spelt                                                                  Spelt triticum spelta
Spices with wheat fillers                            Spirits (specific types, distilled is GF)
Starch (outside USA)                                  Stativa
Stock cubes (many contain gluten)      Strong flour
Suet in packets                                              Sulfites
Teriyaki sauce                                                Tritical
Triticale X triticosecale                             Triticum
Udon (wheat noodles)                               Vegetable starch
Vital gluten                                                     Vitamins (some contain gluten)
Vulgar                                                                Wheat bran
Wheat durum triticum                               Wheat flour
Wheat germ                                                    Wheat gluten
Wheat malt                                                     Wheat nuts
Wheat oats
Wheat pasta
Wheat starch
Wheat triticum aestivum
Wheat triticum mononoccum
White flour
Whole-Meal flour

The following labeled ingredients may indicate the presence of wheat protein:

•Gelatinized starch
•Natural flavoring
•Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
•Modified food starch
•Modified starch – check with company
•White grain vinegar
•White vinegar