I’m interrupting my For Beginnners! series to rant (just a bit) about the latest news that Canada will be undertaking an “Influenza Mass Immunization” program in the fall.

Oh, and it gets better.  The latest research suggests that pregnant women, particularly in their 2nd and 3rd trimester are hit “harder” with the H1N1 virus. They may require hospitalization and yes, some pregnant women have died as a result of complications.  (I would point out that other groups of people have died as well, but no matter)

So, what are we going to do about it?  Well, first we’re going to immunize everyone with an untested vaccine.  And, we want pregnant women to be a priority.  Then, we’re going to recommend that if a pregnant woman has “flu symptoms” she should start anti-virals immediately. 

I mentioned this to my husband and he nearly hit the roof.  His first reaction was to suggest that we also thought Thalidomide was safe in pregnancy too and look how that turned out.  Now, he’s not exactly a card-carrying “green our vaccines” member, nor is he anti-vaccine.

We are simply cautious.  The “regular” influenza vaccine doesn’t ever seem to be enough to prevent flu-related deaths, so what makes us so certain this new one will be?

Also, why would you purposely inject foreign material into a pregnant woman but then tell her not to drink, take drugs (of any kind), eat fish containing mercury, avoid hot tubs, casual sex, etc. etc. etc.   Just doesn’t make sense to me at all.

We all have to make our own choices about this.  I won’t be choosing the vaccine for my family based on the lack of clear research that I’ve seen.  My children are not lab rats.  Perhaps when some better evidence is available, I will change my mind.  For now, we’ll stick to good hygeine and our homotoxicology.