My stat counter tells me that people want to know what they can buy in a Canadian grocery store that is GFCF. Well, like I said before, there isn’t much & what is available is expensive. Cost aside, it is easier to tote a mix or two to Grandma’s house instead of all the ingredients for pancakes.

So, what’s good? Here’s a list of things I buy (and I’ve included a few Grandma favs at the end).  All this stuff is available to me locally, some in  a Health Food store, others at Sobeys/Safeway/Superstore

Tinkyada Pasta (all shapes) – super awesome pasta that even gluten lovers love!

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips -mini chips, so use less, expensive but allergen free. Great chocolate taste

EnviroKidz Cereals – Leapin’ Lemurs (chocolate & yellow “corn pops”), Koala Krisps (chocolate “rice krispies), Panda Puffs (peanut butter “corn pops”), Amazon Flakes (frosted corn flakes). All excellent subs for your kid’s cereal bowl

EnviroKidz Cereal Bars – like rice crispy bars, comes in various flavours, check not all are CF

EnviroKidz Animal Crackers – vanilla – staple for emergency snack at the daycare

Van’s Waffles – looks like Eggo, tastes like Eggo

El Peto Hot Dog/Hamburger Buns – stay together, good taste, not my favorite, but kid likes them

Kinnickinick Tapioca Bread – excellent, thin slices

Kinnickinick Donuts – doesn’t matter what kind, all incredible.  You won’t want to share!

Only Oats – Certified GF oats, all varieties good

Elco Rice Crackers – bunch of varieties, I’ve only tried plain

El Peto Pancake Mix – kids love this at Grandma’s

Celimix Dutch Chocolate Cake mix – again, a major Grandma favorite

Celimix Flax Bread – Grandma makes it. She loves it. Me, not so much, but it’s about what the kids think, they like it.

There’s more, but this is from my last few shopping trips.  Let me know if you see something & want a review on it.  Chances are we’ve “been there, tried that”.