There is a cookie thief in my house.  And it isn’t me, so don’t go there.  Yes, I have noticed that we are suddenly short of cookies again & yet I just made a whole bunch of them on Saturday.

I’ll admit it, I know the culprit too.  I’ve even caught him red-handed.  Unfortunately, I suspect that the cookie-stealing is a two-fold problem.  First, he’s hungry and the cookies are in reach.  I’ve tried putting them up but I can’t watch him every second and believe me, the minute I go to the bathroom I hear him in the cookie box.

The other problem is I *think* we are battling the yeast again.  It would make sense that he can’t get enough sugar and sweets, he’s trying to feed the beast.   We started the GSE again last week at low doses but will have to push it up higher yet.  I am also thinking we may have to attempt a reduced sugar/sugar free diet for a few weeks.

Yikes!  Sugar free?!?  What will we eat?  Never mind them, what will I eat?  Momma loves her that sugar-stuff.  However, since I can’t seem to wish a Bon Voyage to these 5 pounds stuck firmly to my rear end, perhaps a little “sugar break” would be good for everyone?

I’ve been working on reducing the sugar in our baked goods and have discovered that we can reduce another 1/3 cup without noticing.  I have already reduced the sugar in many of our recipes, so it’s more of a taste-experiment-taste situation.

Are you sugar free/reduced sugar?  How are you coping?  I’d love some advice!