Nathan had a rough day yesterday.  He was overtired having been out late combining with Dad but that doesn’t totally explain the rotten day he had.  He had trouble sharing at daycare, was incredibly emotional about everything and even had an accident & wet himself.

When I came to collect him, he was pretty upset and his shorts were just slightly damp.  He just was completely overwhelmed, his eyes looked sunken slightly and dark circles plus red, but that may have been just from crying.

He was in bed by 8:30 & sleeping in about 10 seconds, so there was no doubt he was tired.  I’ve sent GSE for him to daycare today & we’ll dose again when we get home.  He’s been getting it now for almost a week and I am starting to be concerned.  Generally, we get rid of yeasty behaviours in about 3-4 days but these are new symptoms.

He starts school in 1 week & that is going to be the best thing for him I think.  He needs his routine, his teachers, his friends.  He needs to be around “older” kids who model good behaviour for him. 

I think we will go ahead and try a reduced sugar plan for a couple of weeks, just to see if this helps.  Heaven help me!!