Well, we’ve been a month into school & having a pretty ggod one at that!  Nathan started Grade 1 and has been pretty thrilled about going to school every day.

We’ve battled a bit of yeast mid-way through the month on the “advice” of his teacher.  Meaning – she noticed his ‘volume control’ was lacking, which is a major yeast sign for him.   A couple days of GSE & back to normal.

We started a new product – Natural Factors “Learning Factors” this month.  It is a protein mix meant to improve ADHD symptoms.  Is it working?  It definitely increased our yeast growth at first but Nathan is handling it well.

I don’t know if it is improving his focus at all, he’s just worked up to the full 1 scoop of powder this week.  I’m hopeful that this increased protein in the morning will also be of benefit to him.

We’re mixing it in potato milk and adding fruit to the mix. We tried it in juice, yuck.  Nathan likes it in chocolate milk also.  It is “wild berry” taste, so I think it actually works well with chocolate, gives it that chocolate-raspberry flavour.  You do need to blend it well, there is definitely a texture to this product.  We started out with a 1/4 dose and worked up.

Nathan’s IEP meeting is upcoming, so I am hopeful that it goes well.  I really want him to have a good year so I am focusing on feeding the brain right now.  We’re still working on gut healing and this Learning Factors is supposed to assist with that also. 

I’ll finish up a proper review in another month, once we’ve given it a fairer trial.