It’s been awhile since I blogged, anywhere.  It’s not that I haven’t thought about it, but between my work, school (kids) a killer university course and ASD in general, there just hasn’t been the energy or the time.

However…….I did think about you all.  We’ve been baking up a storm around here, trying new recipes and enjoying old favs.  The great thing is, I’ve started to “relax” about this whole GFCF thing.  It’s second nature, old hat, no big deal.  Well, at least it is at home.  Going out is still hard.  Surprises are hard.   And I know this isn’t going to be popular to say, but we let Nathan cheat once in awhile. 

Yes, it makes him a little busy.  It makes him harder to control – his emotions are soooo big on gluten.   Then he crashes – hard.  Sleeps like the dead.  The next day – nothing.  He is back to his old self & apart from some lingering “stuttering”, he’s fine.  By stuttering, I mean he’ll repeat “Daddy, daddy, Daddy” as he’s trying to collect his thought to tell Daddy about something.  It’s annoying, but it doesn’t last too long.

So the occasional slip-up or cheat doesn’t have long effects on him.  Would I rather he never cheated?  Sure.  Is this realistic?  No. I wish it was.  I want to be the militant “no gluten will ever touch his lips” mom.  I just can’t seem to make it happen.  So we do the best we can & avoid the gluten/dairy to the best of our ability.

And you know what?

My little boy is happy.  He loves his food.  He loves school.  He is learning to read, count, print and make friends.  Is he behind?  Yes.  We are working with him, but the developmental delay is still there.  Honestly, I am not sure if he will catch up.  So what.  As long as he is happy, learns to read, write, think critically and have friends, we will have succeeded.

The diet isn’t about “fixing” the ASD.  It is about giving him the tools he needs to succeed.  and on those days where I just want to reach for the wonder bread because it’s easier, I remind myself that I a good mom, but a tired mom.  A good mom does her best, every day even when she doesn’t think she can.  And you know what happens?  We get through it.  We find a way & we stick to the diet.  Because it works.