I noticed my stat counter has jumped quite a bit lately & I thought it might be time to offer all my new readers a precious gift – the gift of hope.

If you are bleary-eyed, searching for answers to your own autism mystery, know that I have been where you are.  I have googled until I thought my eyes would bleed.  I borrowed, bought and begged for books teaching ABA, RDI, Floortime,  10 Things, ADHD…….you name it, I’ve either read it or tried to get a copy it seems.

Am I an expert?  Not on your child.  Not on medicine.  Not on GFCF, biomedical or any type of therapy.

I am a Mom.  And I have watched my child teeter on the brink of being lost to autism.  Lost to his own world and refusing to join ours.  Unable to speak or care for himself.  Unable to make friends or play past a two year old level.  When I think back, I think we did the best we could for the first 5 years.  But, it wasn’t enough.  Everything I did was like trying to hold back the pounding ocean waves.  No matter how many hours of therapy he got, the clutter in his body just kept holding him back.

We were diagnosed with autism in June 2008.  I say “we” because it is a family diagnosis, affecting everyone.  I took two weeks “off” to grieve those letters – A-S-D.  Then, I sucked it up & started a new round of research.  I found Biomedical & the GFCF diet.

It works.  I don’t care what study you’ve read that “disproves” the diet.  I have the proof sitting in my living room.  My son speaks in full sentences, dresses himself, reads simple stories, makes friends, learned to skate, to jump, to count and do so many other things that seemed so impossible two years ago.

You have nothing to lose by trying GFCF.  But you just might gain your child.  There is nothing more precious than hearing “I wuv you too Mommy” shouted out the door as he runs for the school bus.  And I tear up everytime because it wasn’t so long ago I didn’t know if I’d ever hear his voice.