Move over Tim.  There’s a gluten free donut that is better than yours.  I’m not sure why I am telling you all this because the more people who know this secret, the less there is for me…….

But, in the interest of sharing my “finds”, here goes.

We love our donuts and have even tried making a GF one at home.  Total bust.  Worse than awful.  So I reluctantly bought a package of Kinnikinnick Vanilla Dipped Donuts.  They were “packaged”.  In donut world, that means gross. But I was desperate for a fix and Kinnikinnick hadn’t let me down yet.

The instructions say to heat the donut in the microwave for 10-15 seconds (because they are frozen & because that makes them yummy soft).  So, I did.  The glaze melted just a little, the donut was warm, think fresh from the oven temperature.

I hesitated, braced for a bad taste and took a bite.

I won’t lie.  The heavens opened up & angels sang Hallelujah.  It really was that good.  Warm, soft, flavourful, no hint of gluten-free grit.  In fact, I’d challenge you to know it was a gluten free item.

So, I bought the Maple Dipped ones, the cinnamon ones and the chocolate ones.  Each bite better than the last.  They come 6 to a package, last forever in the chest freezer and thaw well for the lunchbox.

Overall, the kids like them in this order: Chocolate glazed, Cinnamon, Vanilla glazed.

I prefer the Maple glazed.  (I am Canadian after all!) And, I’d guess the kids would too, if only I’d let them have one.

Do try them immediately.  But don’t tell anyone how good they are.  If word gets out about this stuff…….well, don’t say I didn’t warn you!