Do you know what the #3 all time most searched item in my stat counter is?

Some version of: Where can I find LaraBars in Canada?

Well, I know four places to buy LaraBars so I am going to tell you.

1.  Two Farm Kids Natural Foods (Brandon, MB)

2. Eat it (Winnipeg, MB)

3. (US based website, cheap shipping charges) *Use coupon code MEN348 to save $5.00 off your first order! *

4.  Real Canadian Superstore – variety is somewhat limited but they have them

5.  Probably your local health food store.  LaraBars have become pretty mainstream now.

Don’t live in Manitoba?  Well….all the top three stores will ship it to you.  (Or you could move here.  It’s true what they say about us.  Our winters are brutal but the opportunities, cost of living and friendly people completely make up for it!)

I personally love LaraBars.  They are filling.  They taste wonderful.  They are 100% gluten free.  And, just in case you are the only person who hasn’t heard of them, here’s a link to the LaraBars site.