“Mom, I’m hungry!” are three words that can strike fear in the hearts of GFCF mommies. That little errand you were running took an hour and now your child is starving. Pair that up with an ASD and you have a recipe for a meltdown.

Now, “good” mothers would have an emergency stash of packaged goodies in their purse, diaper bag or glovebox. Perfect mothers would have all three. I am neither perfect nor good.

The easiest thing to do would be to hit a drive-thru, right? Throw some chicken nuggets to the backseat & enjoy the silence. Except, you can’t get GFCF nuggets at the drive-thru…..

So, here’s a list of items that might take the edge off & can be found at grocery stores and even some gas station convenience stores.

1. Orange juice – we all know we’re not supposed to drink our calories.  But a bottle of juice might be the perfect thing.  Often we think we are hungry when really we are thirsty.  Bonus points in that it is a healthy choice, offering vitamin C.

2.  Fruit-to-Go – those fruit leathers are GF last I checked & I find them in the weirdest locations.  Since I won’t buy them normally, this is a “special” treat.

3.  Starburst candy – no, this is not a food.  It isn’t even close to food.  But it is GFCF & might get you out of a candy-meltdown.  (or to offer instead of a chocolate bar)

4.  Fruit – apples, bananas, pears, grapes

5.  Vegetables – baby carrots, bagged mixed vegetables.  I avoid the deli pre-cut because of a risk of cross contamination.  Did they wipe that counter properly after making sandwiches?

6.  Tortilla chips – the “scoops” kind are GF and have to be run on a separate line due to the shape.  The others should be…but you have to use your judgement.

7.  Rice crackers – there are several kinds out there now

8.  GF cookies, cereal bars or dry cereal.  Sobeys & Safeway carry a good selection now.

9.  Old Dutch potato chips – the boxes/bags are marked Gluten Free right on the front – watch for casein in some varieties.  Plain and ripple are good & safe!

10. Envirokidz cereal bars – there are several kinds, watch for soy

See, no reason to starve.  Or risk an infraction.  Next time, we’ll both be “good” moms and remember to pack a little something in the glove box.