Nathan turns 7 tomorrow. Where did the time go? It seems like only yesterday he was a toddler. A non-verbal, lost toddler, but a toddler none the less.

He wants chocolate birthday cake this year. Normally, I just bake a brownie cake & decorate that, but I got a new cookbook that has inspired me to try some new approaches. It is in the oven baking right now & smells so good.

Enter Roben Ryberg – gluten free cook extraordinare. I have 2 of her books & both are excellent. I was very unsure at first. She doesn’t do flour blends. Instead, she uses single flours or 2 flours to make her awesome recipes. Cornstarch, potato starch are favorites and though she generally uses xanthan gum, today’s choice is guar gum. The explanations are clear and baking directions seem to test out well in my kitchen. She offers a variety of choices, breads, main courses, sweets, all those things you want to eat.

I can’t give you today’s recipe since I used Roben’s and that would be violating copyright. But, it comes from this book, available at Chapters and Amazon. Trust me, this is an author who deserves a place in your kitchen.