The longer I’m at this, the more people I encounter that are either GF or GFCF. I don’t know what the “tipping point” was, but more and more people are at least trying a gluten free diet to free themselves from GI problems.

I found out over the weekend that my 2 cousins and an Aunt (who is neither cousin’s mother) all have the same GI problems. One is trying the GF diet with success. The other 2 are suffering but figure it’s their normal.

Nathan has been “off the diet” for much of the summer.

Yes, I admit it. We’ve been traveling & not taking good care. Is he growing out of his need to be gluten free? We’re about a week shy of our 2 year anniversary of GFCF & I’m not sure. Boy, life would be simpler and cheaper………

So. I am going to commit that starting today (since I let him have TimBits last night) we are GFCF for the month of August. To the best of my ability, I am going to be the militant GFCF-mama. In fact, after today (since I just ate 2 slices of whole wheat toast), I am going to be GF with him. Might as well both try it again, see if I can’t loose a nagging 10 pounds.

Watch this space for updates!