You know, I hate complaining about my son’s food restrictions. I really do. I don’t like to push them on anyone nor make other peoples lives more complicated. My son is not IgE allergic to anything, thank God.

We don’t live with Epi Pens or anaphalactic shock risks or terror that someone might put peanuts on his plate. We simply live with a special diet. And as hard as that can be sometimes, it’s nothing like allergy.

My point? Well, on a local message board, the parents are all up in arms over a new snack policy at one of the schools. Here’s the initial posting:

My son has just started in Grade 1, and came home with a “special snack list” telling me the ONLY things that I am allowed to send him as a snack. They have up graded the Allery list from just peanut free: to peanut, egg, and kiwi free school. Now I know that some children are allergic to things (fortunatley mine have no allergies) but I think these lists are going a little to far! Does anyone else agree with me?

And sadly, many of the parents think it is totally ridiculous.  The school has published a list of approved foods, which is making people angry because they are all “brand name” food.  Think Quaker, Goldfish, Ritz etc. 

The lack of understanding is normal.  The fact is, unless you are living with food restrictions, you have no idea why Heinz Ketchup is ok but No Name Ketchup is not. 

The point I think the mother in question is trying to make, however awkwardly, is why must her children suffer someone else’s allergy.  Don’t “those kids” need to live in the real world, where peanuts are everywhere?

We seem to be having this discussion on a regular basis, between no-nut school, scent-free workplaces, nut-free airlines etc.  And it always seems to come down to: “I should be able to eat/wear/do whatever I want and damn the consequences to anyone else”

It’s hurtful.  It’s selfish.  It’s time to stand up to this childish behaviour.  I am angry.  For the little child in elementary school who is now “the cause” of a community argument, for the parents who are doing their best and for society as a whole, I’m angry. 

And since it is “within my power” to expose it, here’s a link to the discussion.  Guess which Mom I am.