I love a discount & iherb.com is having a sale on their top brands this month.  You can get 10% off their top 12 best selling brands.  This includes Country Life, which you might remember I am a big fan of!  They make a 5 mg version of Biotin (excellent for yeast control) in a tiny capsule.  It is essentially tasteless if you have to open it & the small size helps to teach kids to swallow pills.

It’s not Kirkman, Houston or any of the other expensive brands, but saving a bit here & there means more cash to spend on the specialty stuff.

Our regimine right now:  GF, limited dairy, AFP peptizyde at each meal (mixed in juice), calcium, Nordic Natural’s Children’s DHA and Grapefruit Seed extract or Biotin for yeast control as needed. 

Nathan is doing so well on a slightly more expanded diet (including cheese but not milk) but I’m not sure it isn’t causing other behavioural problems.  Being Christmas, it could also be all the excitement, routine interruptions and changes too.  I am ramping his enzymes up to include some Kids Digest by Enzymedica.  It’s really cool – fizzy in juice – which both my kids like.  It’s more of an all-around enzyme rather than the specialty DPP-IV action of the AFP Peptizyde (Houston’s).  I know it is getting so hard to keep his diet clean & this is my “insurance”.

So, I’m off to shop at iherb.com.  If you haven’t shopped there before you can use coupon code MEN348 to get $5.00 off your first order.  Merry Christmas!