Boy, isn’t that just the worst thing to teach a kid?  I’ve been trying to get Nathan to swallow capsules for about 2 years.  We’ve tried hiding it.  He chews it.  We’ve tried using water, he chews it.  Grrr.

On advice from another mom, we’ve been learning with Country Life Biotin, which comes in really small capsules.  He still chews them, but is getting the hang of it.  They must not taste as bad as the magnesium ones.  He used to hide when we tried learning with those ones….

My sister in law hates all the liquid and chewable medicines we give kids now. She had to give her 10 year old antibiotic in pill form & swore it was the worst kind of torture.  She made a comment about it the other day & I resolved to teach my kids to swallow pills before they  have  to.  Sure, I can just open the biotin into his milk.  But, I’m not helping him down the road much, am I?

Anyone have any neat tricks or in the trenches stories?  Share away, I’m always thrilled to learn a new technique!