As with all Kinnikinnick products, this mix is a high quality, great tasting product. It is truly my favorite GFCF mix.

The mix has directions to allow you to make as few buns as you want – it is 3 parts mix to 2 parts liquid (water, milk or milk alternative). 3 cups to 2 cups makes 6-8 buns in muffin tins. For us, that’s enough for a week without anything going moldy or stale.

The buns are light, tasty and have a good mouth feel. They take only 3 minutes to mix and 20 minutes to bake, so there’s no excuse for having no bread alternative for your GF kiddo.

Nathan just loves these plain, with peanut butter or as a sandwich. He ate 6 the first time I made them! Poor me, I was SURE I made 8, but when I counted them into the bread bag, there was only 6 left….Hmmmm…

Later on, I noticed him into the bread bag. I asked him what he thought of the buns and his response:

“This is bun 3 mom. I love these. When are you making more?”

Really, do you need any more reason to try it?

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