At the risk of starting to celebrate, I think Nathan has figured out the pill swallowing.  Of course, he’s just like his father & does best without any liquid to wash it down.  All those days of trying, fighting, begging, pleading and encouraging….and he learns in a snap. 

Don’t ask me what I did, I think he just finally figured it out on his own.  My husband rarely uses water to swallow an average sized pill, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

The biggest reason we’ve been pushing Nathan to learn this is we are considering a medication trial for his ADHD.  I know that liquid verisons of some medications are available but there is more choice if can take pills.  He has come so far on the GFCF diet but I fear his lack of focus is really starting to affect his academics.  I’ve held off this long, trying the alternative and behaviour modification route but we knew this day was coming.

Nathan struggles with math and numeracy concepts.  He can’t grasp 1+0 = 1.  Zero doesn’t make sense to him.  He can barely manipulate adding 1 through 5.   His language and reading is on target for his grade level but he still isn’t doing pre-school/kindergarten math.   Could some ADHD meds quiet the clanging in his brain enough for the math to “click”? 

In the meantime, I’m headed back to for more Country Life “Gluten-Zyme”.  It’s a capsule and meant to help digest the accidental infractions.  I’m as pleased with it as I was with a Houston product & this baby is only $8 a bottle of 60.  The serving size is 2 per meal so it works out to be a similar price per pill to the Houston’s US price.  Since we don’t get such “good” pricing here in Canada, the Country Life is considerably cheaper.  Plus, you’re not out much if you find it doesn’t work.  The last bottle of Houston’s cost me well over $40.

If you’ve never ordered from, use coupon code MEN348 for a $5.00 first timer discount.  Shipping is cheap & reasonably quick to Canada.  (I hear it is very fast in the USA)