If you’ve been following my random blogging, you know that we’ve been struggling with whether or not to try medication for Nathan.  It has become painfully obvious that doing “everything we can” for him has to include medication.

We went to Celebration of Learning (aka Parent-Teacher interviews) last week to discover that any little distraction keeps Nathan from completing even simple math questions.  He simply cannot stay focused when there is anything, exciting or not, happening around him.  He’s been spiraling downwards for a few weeks but it is affecting everything now.  Home, school, Eric.  That’s the hardest part in a way – that his troubles are affecting Eric.  It’s not bad yet, just some misbehaviour, but so unlike Eric to not listen, to back-talk, to whine uncontrollably.


Nathan and I headed to the family doctor (new guy, again) to take a second look at his now-healed ear infection.  Husband asked about ADHD meds at the first appointment & was told “no problem”.  So I went, medical binder in one hand, hope in the other and asked for medication.

The doctor?  His “preference” is to have us go back to the pyschiastrist who originally dx Nathan & have him determine the first cycle.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!  But, I just said “okay” even though I wanted to cry.  I felt about a big as a churchmouse at that point.  Here I am, finally ready to medicate & the answer is “no”.

So, I went through the phone calls that are required to get a pysch appointment.  Fortunately, we have a Goddess of Mental Health on our side.  She helped me get an appointment with our old family doctor, made a pysch appointment (for MAY!) and Thursday next week, we should be on a medication trial.

At this point, I’m not leaving without a prescription.  Either he gets Concerta…….or I get Xanax.