It never ceases to amaze me how prevalent the Gluten Free diet is becoming.  We were in the US over the weekend & I spied boxes of GF Rice Krispies.  With Snap, Crackle & Pop on the front.   That’s right, the one thing you’d think would be GF, finally is.  Hopefully it becomes popular enough there that we can get it here in Canada.

Then, we were in our local Superstore & they have a whole aisle, with dairy case, dedicated to GF and natural options.  Soy yogurt, frozen entrees, alt. milks, you name it, all there.

I even found a new Lara Bar option I hadn’t tried before – PB and Jelly.  Yup, tastes like it sounds…like the sandwich you remember as a kid, but better.  I don’t think it’ll be in my regular rotation but still very yummy.  (I found it way too sweet for a mid-run snack)

My new fav (though the boys aren’t as excited about it) is the Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip.  I got a box from and hoped for the best.  It is so much like dessert but very filling.  I often break it in half and enjoy one half in the morning and one as the afternoon snack.

Keep your chin up GF families.  There is so many more choices than even 2 years ago.  We can do this!