Time for another product review – Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops

These are so amazing – no artifical flavours or colours, gluten free, corn free,organic, Kosher Parve, made with fruit extracts and they taste awesome.

I ordered these for my boys because I wanted something gluten free but also without all the crap that normal lollipops (candy in general) seem to have.  Since then, I’ve re-ordered for my office.  I feel really good about sharing these with other people’s children (with permission, of course) because they are a high quality treat.  We have lots of kids through here & I’ve never had a complaint about the flavour yet.  With the “old” kind, we’d find the kids would take about 2 licks and hand it back.

I get mine from www.iherb.com in a bag of 50 for $6.00.  They have packages of assorted flavours, which I recommend until you know which one is your favorite.  Me, I’m partial to Mango Tango and Pomegranate Pucker (don’t you just love the names) but truly, any flavour will do.

For the more “grown-up” kid in your office, Yummy Earth also has individually wrapped candy drops.  So, if you’re a little too old (professional) to have a sucker stick in your mouth, these drops are just as good.  They even look nice in a candy dish on your desk.

As always, first time customers can save $5.00 on their first order by using coupon code MEN348 at check0ut.  (Which would make the first bag $1.00 – just in case I haven’t convinced you to try it yet!)