Finally, the day I have waited for! Houston Enzymes (chewables too!) are finally available at

These enzymes really helped Nathan while we were going GFCF and throughout the diet. It covers off the accidental infractions but also the occasional mistake too. We noticed such big changes in him, using enzymes that I can’t stress enough the difference adding Houston Enzymes to his diet made.

We tried a few other brands but to be honest, the money was wasted. The Houston brand gave consistent results and I really liked them for myself. I have a love-hate relationship with dairy. If I use the enzymes (when we could afford it, and at the prices I was paying before, yikes!) I can have small amounts without stomach trouble.

So finally, we Canadians can buy Houston enzymes at US prices, not pay horrid amounts on shipping and import duties (remember to order up to 4 lbs and choose the cheap shipping option) and give our special kids the products we know we can trust.

If you are a first time customer, you can use coupon code MEN348 to save $5.00 on your first order. Hey, why not save a bit!!