I’ve kept up this blog, a little bit, even though we quit doing the GFCF diet with my son.  I didn’t want to take it down because I put so much into it & I still use some of my own recipes!  Plus, keeping people informed about the great deals & finds at http://www.iherb.com is really important to me.

Being GFCF really did change my son’s life for about two years.  He was more attentive, acquired language, learned and grew in ways we weren’t sure were possible.  The whole family benefited from a less-processed, more natural approach to eating.

But, it’s hard.  And, it’s expensive.  Let’s face it, there has to be a clear, 100% benefit to this “diet” or you aren’t going to do it.  The truth was, after 2 years, Nathan was tolerating infractions with no change in behaviour, bowel movements or eye contact.  So, we let him go 100% “regular” diet.  No change.  Phew.  We had one of the “lucky” kids – GFCF healed his gut and made it possible for him to eat like everyone else.

Fast forward to a month ago.  This time it isn’t my son who has problems, but me.  I broke out in eczema on my hands months ago, but it hasn’t been that bad.  And, it’s really related to stress – the more stress I have, the worse my hands (and scalp) get.  It’s irritating, but not life threatening.  Then, a month ago, I broke out in eczema on my eyes.  I looked like I had been crying, all the time.  I got some Prednisone, cream, anti-histamine and even some antibiotics from my doctor.  It cleared up, but my hands and arms are flaring again.

So, I’m left wondering….what natural approaches can I try?  I don’t ever want to see this on my face again!  Plus, I’m itchy all the time & it is making me nuts.  I’ve switched soap, laundry detergent, wearing gloves, drinking more water, using my prescription cream…all that and I’m still itchy.  My dad, who also suffers, says I need allergy testing.  Well, all us Canadians know, allergy testing isn’t just done tomorrow…. so I’m left with trying to find my own triggers.


Enter Gluten free diet.  I know I felt pretty decent on Nathan’s diet.  I know I could do it again, though it will be a lot more difficult because I do so love my cereal and Tim Bits.  But, I don’t want to feel like this forever either.  So, as I’ve already glutened myself like crazy this weekend – Subway, cereal, pizza…sigh, sounds like a poor diet I should change anyway…I’m thinking to start fresh on Monday morning.  I’m going to give this an honest try and will use this blog to note any changes or improvements.  I’ll also try to update my recipes and tips areas while I’m at it.  So, join me as I get back on the GF wagon.