Okay.  Today I feel like I’m on  some kind of weird planet/diet that only I know about.  It’s probably because I didn’t tell anyone I was going “gluten free” for the next I don’t know how many days.  I looked at the cake on my counter and sighed a little, knowing it was now officially “off limits”.  Worse than that, my hands don’t itch as much today, so I am having to really remind myself of my commitment to GF status.

Breakfast was pretty easy – oatmeal.  Yes, I know the risk of cross-contamination is pretty high with oatmeal, especially since it isn’t the certified GF brand.  Let’s get real here, I am going to screw it up in all kinds of ways.  I ‘ll take my chances on a bit of cc for right now.  I had a wonderful garden salad with chicken breast and egg, an apple and a Carrot Cake Lara Bar for lunch.  Was I really hungry enough for a whole Lara Bar?  Maybe no, but they taste so good and I’m pretending I don’t have Reece’s PB cups in my desk.  It is hard because those are a total favorite but I am going to give this trial my best effort.

It is clear I will be needing a ‘big city’ shopping trip if I am to keep up to my family’s need to eat – even just to get some GF pasta so we have options other than rice and potatoes.  However, I am hoping to avoid a major spending spree, since it is just for me.  Plus a lot of the GF food I find is not just expensive, but also a lot of processed crap I should not be eating anyhow.

I think supper will be baked ham (leftover), brown rice, some kind of vegetable and maybe ice cream if I am dying for a sweet.  Shoudln’t eat the ice cream, it makes my tummy sad, but every once in awhile it is worth it.  Having said that, I do have some nice fruit bars in the freezer too.  Hmmm….. if I keep up the healthy eating side, maybe a side effect of GF will be a smaller bum!  Worth a try, happy hands, a smaller bum and good health?  Why not?