I’ve been to the grocery store and survived.  It was hard to ignore all the gluten-filled choices and focus on what I could have.  But, I persisted in my journey and I am now on Day 2 of GF.  I forgot to take my Reactine this morning, but am surprisingly not itchy.  Do I think this is GF?  No.  I have plenty of days where I don’t want to claw off my hands.  It’s just a nice change.  Also, my stress level has decreased a lot since my boss came back from holidays, so that has a good effect on me.

Here’s my menu for Day 1:

Breakfast:  Oatmeal & fruit, soy  milk

Lunch:  Garden salad with 1 egg and chicken breast, ranch dressing and an apple, Carrot cake Lara Bar

Supper:  Leftover ham, brown rice, carrots and snap peas

Day Two:

PGX shake with soy milk – not exactly food but is GF.

Lunch: same as Day 1

Supper:  S&S Meatballs, brown rice, vegetables

Snack:  maybe popcorn.  I heart popcorn.

Since I often eat pretty similarly with lunch and breakfast, supper is my chance to mix it up (or blow it).  But if I have ideas ahead of time, it can be done. I am a snacker, so I will need to keep lots of fresh veggies in the fridge, just to make sure I have a safe option.  I’m looking at a 6 week trial, so being only on Day 2, I have a long way to go.  I know when we changed the boys to GFCF it took about 2 weeks to really see results.  That’s pretty do-able.  I hope to see something within 2 weeks, just to be motivated to continue.

Updates to come….