I’ve rejoined the Yahoo! groups GFCFKids & GFCFRecipes because they were so helpful to me in the past.  I found out so much from the community & hope that I’m able to make a small contributions as well.  If you’ve found me because of that, know that this is my salvation on the road to gluten-free health.  We successfully transitioned my son off the GFCF diet last year & he is doing amazingly well.  I won’t say that this will happen for every child, but for mine, GFCF is no longer needed.  He is still largely dairy free because of intolerance to lactose (family trait!) but otherwise, he’s doing well.  We do medicate him for ADHD and that was a hard decision but one that ultimately helped him move into the vibrant, successful child he is today.

My son has PDD-NOS (Autism) and ADHD.  He has a developmental delay that sets him back about 18 months.  So, effectively, my 9 year old is the same age as my 7 year old.  But, for many things, like reading, he is right at grade level.  So, for those families reading this blog who are currently in the midst of a biomedical journey, I assure you, there is success, hope and light at the end.  GFCF (and sometime SF) changed the life and path of my son from a whirlwind, allergic, non-verbal person to a social, active, eats everything person.  We were able to heal his gut and free his mind.

I’m going back GF for me because I am suffering from eczema in a bad way.  I want to take control of my body and my condition and my current research shows GF and limited dairy (lactose intolerant!) can be helpful.  Along the way, we’ll see if Nathan wants to try GFCF again.  He is old enough to help decide this & to take control of his own eating patterns.

Today was hard because my workmates had lunch ordered in.  Nathan to the rescue though, I had to pick him up for summer enrichment.  So, even though the smell of that yummy wings, pizza and caesar salad (so loaded with dressing as to render it heart attack on a plate) wafted through my office, I held firm, didn’t join in & actually feel really proud of myself.  I ate a Chocolate Chip Cookie LaraBar for a mid-day snack instead.

I’ve almost gotten through 3 full days GF, this is proving to be easier than I thought.