I’m working on my 4th day of Gluten free eating & have encountered two semi-hard situations:  apple crisp from my sister in law (which I LOVE!!!) and birthday cake at work (which I sorta like).  The apple crisp was almost impossible to resist but I know this isn’t a “diet” to be cheated on.  The birthday cake was easier because the pieces are cut into giant sizes and my hips get wider just looking at them.

I just laughed and said “I am so NOT eating that” without any other explanation. I am losing weight (17 lbs since May 1st!) so if they all think it is a diet, let them.  Honestly, until I know that gluten free is clearing up my eczema for sure, it isn’t worth mentioning it to anyone.  I know my co-workers will be very supportive, but it feels like a “fad diet” to be telling everyone immediately.

I still haven’t told my family either.  Sounds dumb right?  The only meal we eat together is supper which is suprisingly easy to make GF.  My kids want hamburgers and hot dogs tonight and I can just eat a patty with no bun (homemade patty, that is) and they likely won’t even notice.  I have no gf bread or buns in the house, nor sweets, which is probably going to be awesome for my weigh-in next week – no sweets, no temptation.  I think I can “get away” with this GF trial for another couple of weeks since my husband is working late & we don’t eat together.

So, when I go grocery shopping in the city, I’ll be able to get a few GF breads/buns so that I can enjoy a sandwich or burger.  It is tomato season and a toasted tomato sandwich has to be one of my all-time favorites.  I’m also looking forward to trying my hand at real tomato sauce since we appear to have a bumper crop.  I tried making it once but did it too fast, I want to make real, Italian sauce, that takes all day to cook.  There’s no Italian blood in my veins but the way we enjoy their cuisine, there should be!