DUDES!!!! I just found full boxes of LaraBars in my local Superstore for $16.00 a box!  They were on the end of the aisle, about 6 different kinds, Apple, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Cherry (I think) plus others.  Me, I love the PBCC, so that’s what I bought.

I was a bit disappointed because they are not as fresh and moist as the ones I get from iherb.com, (like they just came out of the “oven” practically) but hey, for $16.00, I am not going to complain!  That’s $1.00 PER BAR people, better than a chocolate bar!

I shoulda bought them out of their entire stock but that seemed a bit silly.  You know, maybe I could go back for a few more boxes later today….

Check your local Superstore – maybe they have the same deal!