I’ll admit it.  This is the most basic recipe I’ve got.  The point is, Gluten Free cooking is not always hard.  Substitute brown rice or corn pasta for wheat, check your sauce for gluten and you are home free.  When in doubt, Spaghetti and Sauce is our go-to meal.  The whole family likes it, even when the kids are on a “sauce strike”, they just eat their noodles plain.

Over the years, I’ve learned a couple of neato tricks to making the classic even better.  Cook your pasta to just a little more firm than al-dente. You want there to be a little bit of “not quite done, 2 more minutes” quality to the noodle.  Drain and rinse pasta in cold water to keep it from clumping.  GF pasta is especially awful for this.  Then, dump your noodles into the sauce & let simmer together until the noodles are to your liking.  It tastes so much better and you don’t end up with such drippy sauce.

Spaghetti & Sauce

Enough dry noodles to feed your crew

GF Jarred Tomato Sauce.  Read the labels, every single time.

1 lb ground beef

Montreal Steak Spice, to taste.


Set a pot of water to boiling, with about 1 tsp of salt.  Add noodles when the water boils.  While noodles cook, scramble fry ground beef and sprinkle with Montreal Steak Spice.  You can add other seasonings, to your liking. Garlic, cumin, basil, oregano….be adventurous.  Drain and rinse when cooked through.  Add jarred sauce, taste and season if necessary.   Cut up some fresh mushrooms, if your kids will eat them.  Add to sauce.

By now, the noodles should be cooked to almost al dente.  Drain, rinse quickly under cold water & add to sauce.  Cook on med-low for another 2-3 minutes.

Set the table.  Serve with a smile.