If you’ll recall, I climbed back on the Gluten Free wagon 10 days ago due to a horrid outbreak of eczema that was threatening to have me rip off every bit of my skin.  My hands were red, raw, sore and starting to crack at all the joints.  I’ve been struggling with it in my scalp for over a year but that was “manageable”.  Then the eczema spread to my face.

Well, I admit it.  I am THAT vain.  I looked like I was crying, all the time, or that I’d spent several days in the Sahara Desert without sunscreen.  Or both.  Neither one is a pretty option.  So, 3 visits to the doctor later, I’m pretty much all cleared up in the face, but my hands….oh my hands.  Doc gave me an excellent cream for them and while it did work well, keeping the itch down, it wasn’t curing the problem, just managing the symptom.

What could I be allergic to?  So, I turned to the one diet I knew – GFCF.  I have to be very careful about my dairy intake, so I’m dairy free most of the time anyhow.  (Purists, I know this is NOT casein free, they are different.)  I simply made the decision to be GF and see what happened next.

And, my hands look so much better.  My scalp is still pretty irritated, but mostly I can live with that.  I think it will take a lot longer to heal up, since it’s been so long.  Plus, it’s very hard to treat, have you ever tried putting cream under your hair??

My next wondering is, do I dare challenge these results?  It’s been a long time to get desperate enough to try “anything” and I feel so good.  What if I gave this another 10 days & my head was not itchy?  What if my arms stopped having all the bumps?  Wouldn’t I feel dumb for wanting to challenge the diet?

So, even though this is going to be tough, I am going to keep on the GFCF diet for another 10 days.  I’m off to visit family on the weekend & don’t really want to “talk” about it.  But, it’s my parents, who’ve watched us use this diet to great success before.  I know they’ll be supportive.  I just don’t want to make a big deal out of it.