I just finished making and eating the most amazing Gluten Free Cinnamon buns.  I’d love to take credit for the recipe, but that would be stealing and very wrong.  So, instead, I’d like to introduce you to another Canadian gluten free blogger who should be crowned for sainthood, just for discovering and sharing this most amazing cinnamon bun.

People, these are incredible fresh.  They are awesome reheated from frozen.  They are not hard to make and they taste as good or better than their wheaty counterpart.  How do I know this?  Well, I cheated.  I ate a “real” cinnamon bun after making several dozen for my whiny family.  And, my thumb got rashy and my tummy hurt. So, there you go, learn from my stupidity, these GF cinnamon buns are the real thing.

Please, allow me to introduce you to The Baking Beauties and her Cinnamon Bun recipe.  You could thank me, but first, swallow the last bite and wash your hands.  Keyboards and cinnamon sugar just don’t mix…